Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The middle of the night can be a scary place...

So there I was this afternoon, contemplating recent LJ postings from a friend about their own occasional nightmares, and counting my blessings that I don't often get them myself. Which is true, but thinking about it amounts to playing Truth or Dare with one's subconscious, as I was just reminded. Sometimes these things just have to be written down, to get them out of my head...


The team is fighting the good fight. It is a crisis point in all of existence, when every world is threatened by its own arrogance, each having created a device that could destroy it utterly. The four have been charged to leap from plane to plane, having one chance to defuse each before being spirited away to the next. Usually they succeed, sometimes not, but each time they can briefly see the flash -- or not -- before jumping on to the next job.

And then comes the big one: the bomb that will destroy everything that ever was, is or would be. They are working quickly but confidently, having saved the day each time for countless worlds now. They don't realize their own overconfidence until it trips over a full minute sooner than they expect, and they can feel everything being sucked away.

And they find themselves in a void, total and empty. Two spin away quickly, not to be seen again. He and she are left alone, grasping each other by the fingertips against the implacable pull of the vacuum of nothing, unable to say or feel anything except their own failure. And as they are pulled apart by an impossible tide, she cries out, "It isn't fair!", before they are separated by the lonely black...

-- Justin
Who is occasionally impressed by the subconscious' ability to concisely summarize a lot of different anxieties...

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