Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Diary Entry

General note: the ongoing scientific experiment confirms that I sleep a *heck* of a lot worse alone. This weekend was msmememory's college reunion, so I was on my own yet again. Fortunately, that's the last time away for her in the near future. Just one more to deal with, when I fly out to Chicago for rickthefightguy's wedding.

Thursday: Went over to mindways's for gaming. Got introduced to El Grande, a fun strategy board game. As usual for strategy games, I lost, but not by a huge margin. Then won a quick game of Diceland (which, being almost pure tactics plus a bit of hand-eye coordination, I'm much better at).

Friday: Went to Melville Keep for kestrell's graduation party. Spent most of the evening watching a couple of movies/TV shows, all on the theme of Graduation With Explosions (an unsurprisingly popular topic for graduation movies). Got a bunch of Thief tips from alexx_kay, to encourage me to finally actually play through the games. Did my part for Kes' graduation present -- I proofread the transcription of Chapter 10 of Wheelock's Latin, which turns out to focus on the singularly appropriate verb audire, "To listen".

Saturday: Productive day. Brunch with ladysprite, after which I took advantage of the nice day to mow the lawn as msmemory wanted me to.

Then finally bit the bullet and ordered a bicycle, after dithering about it for the past year. It's astonishingly expensive to get a decent bike these days, especially a decent road bike: the midrange bike I ordered is about $800, and looking around that seems to be about the going rate. Still, it'll be damned nice to have one again. I've mainly been exercising by road running in recent years, and the fact is that, while it's very effective exercise, I just don't like doing it. Biking, OTOH, is an activity I greatly enjoy, so it'll be a good addition to my exercise regimen.

Afterwards, went down to Staples to get some cable ties, and spent a couple of hours working in the damned cable box. We have a box that's been sitting in the front hall for ages now, slowly accumulating random spare wires of all sorts -- by now it's a total rat's nest. So I'm now sorting through it, separating and wrapping the cables so I can keep them straight. I'm going to banish at least half of them to the attic, and probably throw some of them out. (I can't imagine why we will ever need three old parallel printer cables again. Anyone need some good but obsolete cables? For that matter, anyone need telephone cords? I think I've got about ten of them, from various modems down the years.)

Sunday: Over to mindways's for a playtest of the new beta Paranoia rules. They've asked us to not go into too much detail yet (since these are still beta rules), but it was a generally good time. We didn't even get to the beginning of the mission he had planned for us, of course -- we *almost* finished procuring all of the necessary equipment before running out of time. But I did decently well: only got killed twice, and assisted keshwyn in getting killed twice without incriminating myself. (My secret society briefing having painted a big target on her.)

Afterwards, msmemory and I went out to see Prisoner of Azkaban, as previously mentioned. Impressively crowded for a Sunday night: by the time we got there at 5:45 the 6:15 show was already sold out, so we got tickets for the 8pm show and went out to dinner at TGI Friday's next door. A good date after being apart for too long.


This week: Need to enter the music for several dances into Django. Since I know I'm in charge of Accademia next week, I'm going to make sure we have fun stuff to do. At this point, I think it's time to simply start working through the book in order, reconstructing the dances that aren't over our heads. ladysprite has already translated the first three dances, so I'm going to get the music into the synth, and we can start reconstructing. The theory is that, after we reconstruct a bunch, we should choose the ones we particularly like, and see if we can talk, eg, Renaissonics into producing some quick-but-functional recordings. (Aaron is going to talk to John about this once we decide what we're interested in.)

Tonight: Great Council. We need to deal with the Coronation bid, but that's the only major business I know of, so hopefully not an overlong Council meeting. Then I need to finish the cable project, so I can get the piles of cables off the living room floor. I think that when all is said and done, I'm going to use up the entire 50-pack of cable ties.

Tuesday: Dinner with my grandfather, who we just found out is in town. I'm grateful to my aunt for hosting him and having us over, but I *dearly* wish she could get into the habit of giving us more than two days' notice when he comes to town -- I'll bet that she's known about it for weeks.

Also, need to test-drive and buy the new bike. I'll bet that I'm in for a thousand-dollar bill by the time all the add-ons are added in, but I'm looking forward to being able to get back into the habit.

Wednesday: Dance practice.

Thursday: Since msmemory is going to be at a Macbeth production meeting, I'll probably go over to mindways's for gaming again, if I'm not too wiped.

And a decently quiet weekend *with* msmemory this time, which will be awfully nice...

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