Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

More bike notes

While I think the racing saddle on the bike was probably a good idea in the long run, it's going to take some getting used to. My butt hurts in some odd ways.

I need to get a mirror. Trying to ride on heavily-traveled roads at rush hour is simply too dangerous without one.

Sneakers are not a win for use with the bicycle -- my laces nearly got tangled in the gears. Need to decide whether my usual walking moccasins are adequate; if not, I should probably invest in those newfangled sneakers with the velcro clasps.

One of my biggest concerns about the bike was that they automatically installed the toe clips on the pedals, and I've never used clips before. Fortunately, I seem to be adjusting to them quickly -- after falling over a few times yesterday trying to get the bike moving, I'm getting the hang of starting movement and then getting the second clip seated. I'm also not wobbling as much getting started as I was yesterday. I suspect I'll be fully comfortable with the bike in a week or two.

Good: my office has showers in the men's room. (This office was originally supposed to be the building's gym, and that still shows in a few ways.) Bad: it takes several minutes for the hot water to really kick in if I'm taking the first shower in the morning, which I suspect I will always be when I bike in.

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