Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Any reinstall advice?

Hmm. Okay, I think the laptop is getting well and truly hosed. It hasn't been as stable as I'd like for some time now, and installing the WiFi card seems to have pushed it over the edge -- it's bluescreening frequently. I could probably back out the drivers, but I'm seriously thinking of just wiping it and starting again from scratch. It's currently Windows ME (a dreadful operating system), and I'm inclined to upgrade it to XP (which, unusually for Windows, doesn't suck). I'm half-thinking of just buying a new laptop anyway, but msmemory would like to keep this one alive and active, so that we have two available in the long run.

However, I've actually never done a Windows upgrade -- I've tended to just get a new OS every time I buy a new machine, and leave the old machines with the old OS. Anyone have opinions to share on the process? I'm not too concerned about damage here: it's an old laptop, and we've intentionally kept it free of mission-critical data. Still, I'd rather have some idea of what I'm getting into before I start. One way or another, I have to resolve this in the next day or so, since I need a machine up and stable before Accademia on Tuesday.

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