Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Books, books, books

eBooks that have built up while I've been dealing with hospitals and such:

The World's Greatest Books, v.XII. Mostly modern histories, but "modern" is expansive enough to still be somewhat interesting.

Folk Tales From the Russian (1903). All of this is "traditional", as far as I can tell, so dubious in its periodicity, but possibly interesting to some storytellers.

Elizabethan Sea-Dogs: A Chronicle of Drake and His Companions. No idea if the history here is any good, but it sounds plausibly researched, and at least the topic is period.

A Collection of College Words and Customs (1856). This is a curious encyclopaedia of terms relating to college life and practice. I point it out mainly because many of the words in question are Latin, and might be intriguing to the numerous Latin students currently around Carolingia.

Il Convito (The Banquet), by Dante Alighieri (trans. Elizabeth Price Sayer, 1887). Oooh, this is neat -- a work of Dante's that I wasn't familiar with! It's all high metaphor, of course, and it's incomplete -- apparently four of an intended fifteen books. Still, an unusual and interesting period source.

Life in the Roman World of Nero and St. Paul (1924). Rather early, but some folks do Roman personae (are you paying attention, rufinia?), so this might provide some interesting background information.

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