Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

[GEEK] Sources of Cool Sci/Tech News?

Okay, here's another question I toss out for opinions. As a self-declared geek, I have a deep fondness for Cool Science and Technology. I'm pretty broad-based in my interests, fascinated in everything from the latest specialized computer languages to the hippest cosmological theories to the current advances in nanotechnology. I pick this stuff up from various sources, and have a few favorites -- indeed, part of what keeps me reading The Economist is that their weekly three-page Sci/Tech column has a surprisingly geekly bent.

I will admit to a strong dilletantish streak: I like to have a pretty good overview of everything, but am only occasionally interested in the deep details. One-to-five page articles tend to be my speed: enough to grasp the high concept, but not necessarily every nuance. (When I decide that a subject is interesting enough to want more details, I'm entirely capable of finding them on my own.)

But I've never found a single source that really grabbed me as The Best Source For Cool Sci/Tech News, and I'm wondering if there is one. So here's the question: if you are an aficionado of such stuff, what is your favorite source, and why? I'm open to any sort of periodical, whether based on dead trees or electrons. I'd like to know what's worth looking at regularly...

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