Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
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Latest eBooks

Interesting items newly out from Gutenberg:

A History of Indian Philosophy, starting with the Vedas and continuing to the modern day.

The Edda: The Divine Mythology of the North. Note that this is a short book about the Eddas, rather than the stories themselves.

Tales of Old Japan. "Old" is, of course, ill-defined, but still an interesting source of traditional stories.

Library of the World's Best Literature, v.3. Continuing this broad anthology series, this volume includes works by Augustine, Marcus Aurelius, Averroes, Francis Bacon, and Walter Bagehot (not period, but the first editor of The Economist, and an essayist of some renown).

A Fairy Tale in Two Acts, Taken from Shakespeare (1763). A curious 18th-century bastardization of Midsummer Night's Dream.

My Book of Indoor Games (1916). Modern, obviously, but useful for the history-of-games completist. Caution is recommended: for some reason, this page kills my admittedly-obsolete copy of Firebird. (The page loads and renders, but any attempt to scroll or switch tabs thereafter fails to render properly.)

Indian Games and Dances. Meaning "American Indian", so thoroughly irrelevant to SCA use. But again interesting for game-history reference. Also a Firebird-killer.

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