Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Well, that was interesting...

Memo to self: it is difficult to ask the question, "Should we have a discussion?" without accidentally starting that discussion. I should have expected that, but it still caught me broadsides.

As I noted in an edit to my previous entry, I'm shutting down the previous thread, preparatory to moving it over to the Baronial mailing list. At this point, I don't think LJ is the right place to actually talk the subject through (partly due to the pull nature of the medium, partly because it's still a little too alien to a little too much of the Barony), and my meta-question was turning into the debate itself, ranging far beyond what I'd been looking for.

It also appears that we need to have the meta-discussion about the role of LJ within the community; I knew that was coming soon, but it sounds like it's pretty much time. However, I'm hoping we can hold that off until we've talked about the more important and timely issues first. (The LJ discussion should happen soon, but I'd really like the "state of the Barony" one to play out a bit before September, so it's calmed down and generated some ideas before demo season starts. I'd personally prefer that we not get distracted by the LJ discussion until then.)

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