Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

[GEEK] Language Lust

So in my spare moments today, I'm finally getting around to reading into AspectJ, the aspect-oriented extension language for Java.

Oh, this is so cool. I've been vaguely familiar with the concept of aspect-oriented programming, but never really dug into it to see what a proper implementation looks like. The semi-declarative nature of the language appeals quite a bit to me, even if I don't love some of their syntax choices. And it's easy to see how a disciplined use of this mechanism could result in a significantly better architecture in many systems. (I suspect that the scripting engine I wrote for my current job would have worked quite differently if I'd had these tools.)

I want. I think I need to give some thought to how one could apply these concepts to .NET/C#, and whether the key concepts could be layered on top of it. The metadata parts are easy, but I'm not sure there's any straightforward way to define pointcuts without hacking the compiler -- I don't recall any native .NET support for interception...

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