Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Noreascon First Night & the SCA

It occurs to me that I mentioned this on the Carolingian Mailing List, but should probably also put a tickler here --

I just found out (via ladysprite) that Worldcon is going to have a "First Night" celebration on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 2nd. I'm already seeing if I can do a couple of outreach-type activities there, but it would be lovely if others wanted to get involved. They have a slot on the large stage (suitable for combat demos or suchlike) and the small stage (suitable for magicians and jugglers and such, but too noisy for music), as well as an open booth which they're looking for carnival games for.

Their timeframe for adding stuff is apparently quite short, and Pennsic means that a lot of people are away this week. But if you see this, and would like to do something, please contact me ASAP, so we can talk details...

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