Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

[POLITICS] Hitting Bush in his base

Y'know, sometimes I think that the Democrats are way too nice for their own good. I mean, think about if someone in the Bible Belt hit Bush with the sort of nasty tactics that the Republicans have been tending towards. You point out that Bush is a skilled and masterful liar, plus
  • He has fomented wars deliberately, and done so in a way that's almost guaranteed to start more.

  • He is blighting the environment.

  • He has quite carefully and intentionally tweaked the economy of this country so that the poorest are left to starve.

  • He has caused the needless deaths of thousands through his blunderings in other countries.

You don't have to call him the beast of the Apocalypse. Just present those facts in that order, and plenty of people (most of them Bush's core supporters) will see the conclusion. Some of them would be offended, of course (so this really couldn't come from anyone anywhere near the Kerry campaign), but it would set the conspiracy theorists and hardcore fundamentalists a-buzzing, introducing doubt among his surest supporters...

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