Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Things To Work On

On the one hand, New Year's Resolutions are a slightly goofy idea. I mean, anything worth resolving at the start of the year was worth resolving six months before, or six months after. On the other hand, it's still a good opportunity to remind oneself of the projects that are hanging there, and really need to be resolved. So here's at least a list of the more immediate ones:

-- I will finish Bjorn's game board. (Note to self: do not auction off items to be made to the winner's spec, without putting some limits on how ambitious I'm going to get. The project's being reasonable fun, and terribly educational, but it's taken way the bleeding heck too long already, and I've still got a long way to do. And it's all my own fault: Bjorn asked for Tafl, and while he would probably have been satisfied with something functional, I know what a good Tafl board should look like. Problem is, I'm having to learn several new skills in order to do it...)

-- I will get Tabula Rasa III scheduled, and at least mostly written. (Charlie and I designed the broad strokes of the game over three years ago. It's time to make it actually happen.)

-- I will rewrite jQuote, and get the damned thing selling. (This was my summer project while I was unemployed: a new, very fancy and nice quotefile system to sell as shareware. The project was very educational, and ultimately quite useful: it got me seriously fluent in C#, which was instrumental in landing my current job. Unfortunately, it requires the .NET Framework to run, and it's now clear that practically nobody has that yet. So I'm going to have to rewrite in -- ick -- MFC if I'm actually going to sell any copies...)

-- I will at least make progress on the Metromachy translation and reconstruction. (This is a late 16th-century game that I stumbled across. Far as I can tell, it's essentially the first modern wargame, with zillions of various kinds of pieces on a big board simulating a battle. Problem is, the source is about 50 pages long, all in Latin.)

-- And of course: I will get back on the damned treadmill, and get back into shape. (At least to the extent of reversing the damage that the holidays have done...)

None of which gets into the really big projects, such as The Players (the play that has been sitting there, outlined but not yet written), or the Mysteries (the organization that I've had sitting in the back of my mind for years now). I am way too good at coming up with ideas of things to do...

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