Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


It's always slightly amusing to see the explicit lists of exceptions that get written into legal documents. You know that each one has a name attached to it -- someone tried some particular hack, and it got written into the next version of the rules.

I happened to be glancing through the "flexible medical spending" plan for my company (which just got updated), and was reminded of this principle. Okay, I can see someone in good faith trying to use the tax-deductible plan for buying vitamins -- those are reasonably related to medicine. And I have enough friends who are (or are becoming) massage therapists to be slightly annoyed that that's explicitly beyond the pale (despite the fact that chiropractics are allowed).

But tattoos? Tanning salons? Music lessons? Sheesh. It's a little perturbing to be reminded of how much people try to get away with...

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