Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Period / Occult Book and Game Dealer

Thanks to mikekn for this pointer to someone selling a version of the Alfonso "Zodiac Game" on eBay. This is *not* my seven-sided backgammon; it's the rather dumber "chess" game associated with it, with a divinatory spin on it. But hey -- for about ten bucks, including shipping from Britain and 7-sided dice included, I figure it's interesting enough to pick up and see what he does with it. The seller has sold two copies out of 500 so far, which I suspect were me and Mike.

The seller also has a generally interesting eBay store. It includes a dozen or so period and near-period books (anyone want to make alexx_kay's decade with a 1607 copy of the English translation of the Orlando Furioso? It's only a few thousand dollars!), and shareware implementations of Shogi (Japanese chess), Chaturanga (an ancient 4-player Indian chess variant), and Enochian Chess (a mystical chess variant created by the Golden Dawn about a century ago). Neat stuff: I've ordered a bunch of it...

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