Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

ProWiki Updates

So while I'm home and too tired to do anything really important, I've uploaded my updates to ProWiki, and fixed up the documentation. At this point, it's actually getting close to stable in terms of features -- it now has everything that I've been saying "I really need to deal with that" about.

The new version (0.3) can be found at the ProWiki homepage, and the tutorials have been updated. (In particular, the section on queries has been heavily rewritten.)

From the What's New page:

Version 0.3:
  • Major (and incompatible) rewrite of the query language. Sorry about that, but it was necessary in order to be able to combine queries properly without requiring me to write a full-blown recursive descent parser. High concept is that each type of query now has a distinct syntax.

  • Page queries can now be fully combined, with and, or and "and not" capabilities. While it isn't precisely Turing-complete, it does now allow for far more complex and specific queries.

  • Thanks to the rewrite of the query language, you can now embed property substitutions inside of page queries. This allows me to write such things as packing lists, with partly nested loops.

  • Added reference queries, so that you can search for all the pages listed in a specific property in a specific page type.

  • Tweaked slightly to make it easy to include wiki.pl in a small higher-level program. This makes it easy to keep several completely separate wikis on the same website, without having to duplicate the whole 175K program.

Version 0.2:
  • Added the Edit box at the bottom of normal display windows.

  • Added Section Breaks: if you put three newlines in a row, it's interpreted as a completely empty paragraph.

  • Added easy emphasis: if you surround a phrase with asterisks *like this*, it is shown as emphasized (ie, italics).

  • Added a rudimentary concept of combined page queries, which just convinced me that I need to do better.


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