Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Back to the morning routine...

All right -- the stresses of September having passed, it's time to admit that I have no more excuses. Bicycling to work, while fun, fails the "sometimes" test. I can't do it every day, due to schedule constraints -- I don't like biking home if I have evening commitments. And my habits are painfully clear: I can't exercise "sometimes", because "sometimes" quickly becomes "never". It has to be every day unless I have a damned good excuse, or I slip back off the wagon. So back to the gym I go.

It's interesting to remind myself once again that weight loss per se really isn't the goal here, mainly because my weight never seems to change much. The total swing, from the lowest weight when I am exercising every day and eating healthily, to the highest when I have been a lazy slob for months and eating dreadfully, is maybe six pounds -- I've been within plus or minus three pounds of the same weight for around ten years now.

That said, the distribution of those pounds can vary a lot. Right now, I can feel the padding around my middle. I'm not likely to ever be college-slim again, but I'm now sliding into downright Fat, and that makes me unhappy. I refuse to buy new pants: better to fix myself than them.

More important, my cardiovascular condition right now is completely shot: between months of not getting nearly enough exercise, and Demo Season stressing me out, I can feel hypertension creeping up on me. That's no longer a mere hypothetical for me, either: I recently discovered that my Dad, from whom I get most of my physique, has been on serious hypertension meds for a while now. I'd prefer to stave that off as long as possible.

Fortunately, I've been down this road before, and the discipline returns pretty naturally by now. So today marks the start of a couple of weeks of gradual cardio focus, to get my heart rate back under control and get back to the point where I can run a couple of miles without it bothering me much. Then I get them to re-activate the weight machines (presumably dropping 5-20 pounds off my peak on each, sadly), and start getting the rest of it put back together again.

The other side of the necessary discipline is to find my center again. Taking on the Magisterium suddenly threw my psyche for a loop, and I've been in a tizzy for about two months now. That's shown in all sorts of ways, from overeating to a general ambient crankiness. Now that the specific time pressure of the new school year is over, it's time to find the right groove for that office, and start pacing myself properly. That should have a number of salutary effects...

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