Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Since I seem to be home, I may as well diarize...

Monday: Theoretically I was going to go to the going-away evening schmooze for Carlos, our QA guy, who was picking up the tab at Flattop Johnny's. However, everyone was characteristically late getting out of the office, so by the time they left, I wasn't going to be able to go to the party for more than a few minutes. Oh, well.

Council was fairly small and quick. I'm concerned that this is becoming a little too much of a trend -- a lot of officers are blowing Council off, and that does bother me. We're already in danger of fragmentation, and Council is one of the more central unifying forces in the Barony. So I encourage officers to be there, if possible.

The main business of the evening was the semi-annual scheduling meeting. We seem to have a relatively quiet winter/spring coming up -- just Laurels' Prize Tourney in March and May Day. Consensus was that we should take this as an opportunity to encourage folks to get out-Barony some (there are a number of nearby events that Carolingia often goes to en masse), and maybe do some workshops and the like. learnedax proposed an Italian festival event for the summer which was well-received, and everyone basically waved through elizabear running archery/TW/etc Champs. tpau is talking about running the Novice Schola again, and new_man is thinking about picking up the Onomatopoeic Event and running with it; there was some discussion about possibly combining those.

Tuesday: Accademia was small, due to various people having attacks of Life: just me, Aaron and Caroline. But ladysprite had prepared translations of a couple of interesting 1-couple dances, and I had the music ready, so that was enough. We reconstructed Bassa Colonna, a pleasant but slightly odd little dance remarkable mostly for how bad the description in Caroso is. (First time I've felt that I needed a flowchart to make sense of a dance text.) Conclusion was that it's a nice change of pace, but not one we're going to promulgate heavily.

Today: Got a flu shot in the morning. This was surprisingly painless (they've got some newfangled syringe that just doesn't hurt as much), but took way too long standing in line, solely because the nurses were late.

Lunch was at Yangtze River, for the formal not-quite-going-away lunch for Carlos. (He's going to consult part-time.) Yangtze seems to be our default luncheon joint: the food is mediocre, but it's a cheap, convenient buffet. We've had three such lunches there in the past few months: one for the summer interns, one for Michael who landed an Architect position at a larger company, and one for Carlos who is moving to Chicago to become a radio producer. No real trend, but it does seem to signal the company maturing a bit -- it's no longer the same small group that it started out as.

I'd intended to go to dance practice, but started to feel somewhat cruddy in the afternoon, which has continued into the evening. It seems likely to be side-effects of the flu shot. (In conversation with ladysprite, she made a fairly convincing argument that the cost/benefit ratio for flu shots is poor for most people.) Rather than go to dance practice and be an energy sponge, I decided to just head home and have a quiet evening...
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