Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Okay, now we'll see if they're edible

All right -- enough cooking. My burnout is showing: I didn't start even thinking about what I was going to cook for Falling Leaves until this evening. I had tentatively gotten the idea into my head to play with some recipes from Coquinaria, a rather neat newish site with translations of some period Dutch cookbooks. After staring at them for a little while, I decided to play with sauces, especially after realizing that MS KANTL Gent 15 is something like 50% sauce recipes.

So I'm bringing Bland Protein Units and sauces, to experiment a bit. I poached a salmon filet, and baked up a bunch of bite-size chicken bits, which I'll have with me. To accompany them, I've got a liver sauce, a sweet sauce (the recipe is more or less boiled hypocras with a bread binder), and an applesauce-based mustard sauce. All three are a bit esoteric, and we'll see how they work out. Hopefully they're close enough to be worth correcting and adjusting. Recipes will go online if they seem worthwhile...

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