Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


The only thing worse than having insomnia for no good reason is having it for very good reasons that you can't do anything about.

In many ways, I love the fall. But it does bring out the worst in this house. Last night was a one-two punch. First, there's the tree that's too close to the house, and really needs to come down. With last night's wind, one of the branches began scraping back and forth against the side of the house, *right* next to my bedside. So sleeping in our own bed was a non-starter.

The guest room bed proved even worse, though. The rain finally produced our annual treat of the raccoons finding a new way into the attic. So I found myself up there at five in the morning, flashlight in one hand and walking cane in the other, staring no less than *four* raccoons in the snout. Fat bastards, too -- one of them was the fattest bloody critter I've ever seen, practically spherical. It could barely waddle its way across the rafters to get away from the flashlight -- god only knows how it's managing to shimmy up the walls and into the house.

*Sigh*; my easy chair does not exactly make a decent sleeping spot, and so I'm scarcely coherent today. And the animal control people can't come until tomorrow afternoon, so I can probably look forward to another night of this...

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