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Been over a week, so before I start forgetting it all...

Friday: msmemory left for Atlantia in the morning -- she was traveling down to Kingdom Crusades to retain for svava. This left me with an unaccustomed Friday evening alone. I knew that the focus of the evening would be cooking something for Falling Leaves, but I managed to be singularly inefficient about dealing with it. As previously chronicled, I wound up going with sauces as my theme, with partial success. However, I didn't decide to do that until after work, and didn't figure out *which* sauces I was making until about 8:30. So I didn't finish cooking until about 12:30, and achieved that only by cutting two of the five sauces I'd been thinking of. Procrastination is not my friend.

Saturday: Falling Leaves.

Predictably, I ran late in the morning. I rarely get to events early to begin with, and I wound up losing an hour to computer troubles. For about a week, our computer's fan had been running at hyper-speed, making the machine sound like an airplane taking off. I had figured that the insides of the machine were dirty, and that I'd better shut it down and vacuum it out if it was getting that overheated. But before I started, it occurred to me that the machine might sound like the CPU was running at hyperspeed because it *was*.

Sure enough, there was a runaway process; rather to my disappointment, it was Norton Firewall. Some heavy Googling around revealed that they had done a bad update back in May, and it turned out that my subscription had expired four days later, so I still had a somewhat broken version. I decided to simply upgrade to Firewall 2005; I was still running 2002, and the firewall is one thing I don't want to skimp on. (And sure enough, as soon as I uninstalled the old one, the computer went back to happy quietude again.)

So anyway -- I got to the site a bit after noon. Spent the afternoon mostly hanging around and chatting with the various boroughs. I was pleased to see that all of the boroughs except Duncharloch were represented, and even moreso to find that Southbanke is saying that they want to get more involved in the larger SCA again. I took jdulac on a brief tour, introducing him to some of the borough members informally. After Court, I got all the boroughs together so that folks could meet each other, and did the "names around the circle" thing.

I also threw a few axes, and ran a game of 7-Sided Tables over in Enchanted Moomba. Moomba struck a reasonably good balance on the Enchanted Ground theme -- most people were on good behaviour, although I think that some simply didn't even realize what was going on. Probably an idea worth continuing at future events. The I Sebastiani show was better than average, with a good number of genuine belly laughs -- it's fascinating to watch the evolution of the troupe, as the players explore the characters more deeply.

Dinner was a bit chaotic; I wound up having to basically hold back the tides at the buffet, to keep people away until the food was all up. (We probably need to put together a booklet of tips for autocrats of this event, of specific things to deal with.) We had just enough food this year -- not wholly surprising given the number of newbies, but it was closer than I prefer. But I don't think anyone went hungry: I was more or less at the end of the line, and there was just a shnibble of my salmon and chicken left. I sat with Fenmere and Olin for dinner.

After dinner was dancing -- this went reasonably well, although the whole schedule was running just late enough that the second set started to peter out a bit early. Afterwards, I headed over to Wadsworth for the postrevel, only to find it dark. In retrospect, I was apparently just the first to arrive, but I didn't have the energy to stick around and see. So I headed home to crash.

Monday: Lodge. This was the "annual meeting", which basically means that it's the annual review of the financials. On the one hand, the lodge is losing ground financially. OTOH, it still has a fairly preposterous amount of money in the bank -- something like $120K, for a group whose monthly meetings average about 20 guys. So I suspect that the money will last until the lodge falls below critical mass.

The meeting wasn't terribly exciting. Several memorials for newly deceased members (you know the average age of the club is high when you're inducting two new members a year and 20 are dying). The after-dinner entertainment was a police sergeant from Saugus talking about what they've been doing lately -- given how tired and burned-out I am right now, and how friable my political temper is, I decided the wisest course would be to politely duck out before dinner. This allowed msmemory and I to have a dinner together (albeit takeout), which was nice, and I worked a little on my back emails.

Wednesday: Mara is in a bit of a crunch at work, so I ran dance practice. As always, this was a pleasant change of pace; only real snafu was discovering that I don't have a decent recording of Picking of Sticks on CD. Ciana ran several of the ECDs, and I'm hoping to have ladysprite start teaching the Caroso repertoire once she's settled back in after the honeymoon, so we seem to be spreading the dance mojo.

Coming up: A halfway quiet spell. I need to get moving on some of the projects that have lain fallow during Demo Season, although I also need to force myself to rest a bit -- I'm way too close to genuine burnout. Should be a pleasant weekend, with ladysprite's wedding as the highlight.

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