Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Shaolin Soccer

So this past weekend was Arisia. (Part of why I haven't posted recently was that I was busy prepping the run of Collision Imminent! that we ran on Friday evening. That went pretty well, I thought, aside from renewing my opinion that 13-year-olds should not be allowed to LARP unless they can pass a test demonstrating that they understand that there is more to roleplaying than wandering around and trying to kill people.)


Before the Masquerade, they ran a collection of trailers for upcoming movies. Most were the usual horror drek: I confess, I am awaiting the arrival of Final Destination 2 with bated breath, solely because it means that I can stop having to sit through the stupid trailer for it. But in among the predictable lot of Terminator 3 and The Core, was one real gem: Shaolin Soccer.

High concept: a group of dissolute former monks, who were once masters of the mystic Shaolin martial arts, decide to form a soccer team. The preview is an absolute riot: soccer balls being kicked into orbit, players jumping 20 feet up to do a header, a posse of ninjas as the opposing team, and so on. Every cliche from both the sport and kung fu genres is mercilessly exploited, down to the plucky girl who shaves her head so that she can pretend to be a man and become the team's goalie.

The result is utterly surreal, and possibly the funniest trailer I've ever seen. The movie may be dreadful, but I've got to see it: it may be the platonic ideal of the Midnight Movie...

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