Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

[PROGRAMMING] The latest from Microsoft Research

For the language geeks out there: MSR is continuing to press forward with their next-generation language projects. In particular, I just came across the page for (C-omega), which folds together and enhances the projects that used to be called Xen and Polyphonic C#. (Warning: this page prefers IE.)

Very neat language. They're continuing to extend the useful ideas from Xen, into a language that would make my life *much* easier -- indeed, they're getting into territory that has to be called "next-generation". Cω is much, much more powerful than C# or Java, adding a bunch of concepts common in the functional-language world into the C-family side.

Naturally, they are still saying that it's only a research language, and they have no intention of commercializing it. Bloody cowards: *this* is the tool I need, not another pointless iteration of Excel. But Microsoft never does anything brave technologically: they stay coyly half-a-step ahead of the competition, until someone looks dangerous...

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