Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Short Takes

I really need to write a diary entry before the wedding begins to fade into fond-but-blurry memory. But a link roundup and other tidbits first.

My favorite quote about the ALCS, from Paul Estin (quoted by Tom Galloway in Peter David's Blog): "The cool thing is, if the Sox had merely beaten the Yankees, then Yankees fans could say 'oh, you beat us *once*, big deal'... but winning it this way means I can reply 'Greatest. Choke. Ever!'"

Speaking of Peter, he follows this up with the commemorative poem Yankees at the Bat. We may have to make Peter an honorary Bostonian.

Thanks to meranthi for this genealogical map of Our Esteemed Candidates. The frightening part, of course, is realizing that msmemory can probably find a relation somewhere in there. (Being just three generations away from the shtetl means that I don't particularly need to fear this myself.)

From the Lone Star Iconoclast, Bush's now-infamous hometown paper, comes this thoroughly unsettling account of how free speech is being treated by W and company. I wish I could dismiss this as a paranoid fabrication; unfortunately, it's quite consistent with the tenor of how they've been treating the campaign trail, and the administration's fondness for "free speech zones".

Finally, just to put the politics into perspective a little, here is a most excellent rant on "The Truth About the Kirk/Spock Ticket".

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