Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Applied Sociology Pop Quiz

Anonymous company X has two principal offices: largish (~100) head office H and smallish (~50) branch office B. Morale has recently been poor, especially at B, which has been suffering rapid attrition.

In order to combat this morale problem, X decides to have Mandatory Halloween Fun. Each office is divided into two teams; departments are assigned more or less randomly to the teams. On the last business day before Halloween, all employees are expected to participate in Mandatory Halloween Fun in at least one of three capacities: wearing a costume, bringing in a carved pumpkin, or bringing in seasonally-themed food. Each team will be scored based on the participation of its members. The winning team from each office will receive a pizza party; the losing team will receive nothing.

Is this plan likely to have a positive or negative effect on morale? Show your work, as it will constitute 80% of your grade. Note that this plan emanates entirely from office H, and has no specific support at B; discuss whether that affects the outcome.

For extra credit, discuss whether this scenario would make a good Paranoia module. If so, specify which department you would least like to be working for.

(No, this isn't my company. Suffice it to say, I heard about this being done elsewhere, and it begs to become a case study. And no, I don't have time to write the module; if someone wants to write it up, they are welcome to steal the idea...)

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