Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Vacation, Day 1

Briefish notes, since I am very, very tired:

Up at 6am. Quick shower and dash out the door. Get briefly *very* worried as we get onto the Mass Pike and it stops dead, but turned out to be the right route in the long run. Flight was about as expected: cramped and awkward, but not actively distressing. Decided to spend the plane ride starting in on the ST:NF novels that have backed up; killed off two out of four. Landing at 12:30 CA time was rather disconcerting, given that I'd already been up for 9+ hours.

Went into town for a few hours. The shuttle bus to the BART isn't especially well-run, and the train trip is long than I expected. I tend to forget how big San Francisco is -- it's fully a half-hour trip from where we are in "south SF" to Chinatown. Still, it's reasonably pleasant.

Went to check out a very large bookstore (billed as a "dim, badly-organized place to find books", but it claims to have a million volumes), but it's shut down for reorganizing. Grumph. msmemory then led us over to find Britex Fabric, which proves to be very impressive, with a *sea* of wool in every color (all rather pricey), an entire floor of trims, buttons and notions, and very good sales staff. She was admirably restrained. So far.

Dinner at Empress of China, in Chinatown. Initially very worried -- all of the customers were roundeyes, rarely a good sign in a Chinese restaurant, and the service is geared towards Dumb Tourists, with far too much floor show. But the food proved quite decent. The potstickers have a strong ginger kick and thin enough skins that she liked them much more than usual. The Mongolian lamb has a nice five-spice base. And the Szechuan Chicken was simply great, with just the right amount of fermented black beans to make it piquant but not excessive. I'd recommend the place, save that it's quite expensive -- $60 for two (including two drinks, admittedly), which is remarkably high for relatively conventional Chinese. So consider it a qualified recommendation: very good food, slightly annoying service, very expensive.

Then set up the Internet service at the hotel (too damned expensive, and the DNS resolution mysteriously dropped out for about twenty minutes, but otherwise straightforward), and got ourselves up and running. Which brings us up to now. Time for bed...

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