Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Vacation, Day 7

We set ourselves just a couple of goals for today, and managed both of them well.

Breakfast was skipped, since lunch was one of those goals. We headed into town at late morning, and grabbed the first parking garage we saw in the right vague region, at Moscone Center. (Which actually proved to be quite reasonably priced, for a change.) We then mosied slowly over towards Chinatown -- it being Sunday, and we being in San Francisco, Dim Sum was a must. (As it turns out, you can get Dim Sum every day around here, but I still think of it as Sunday lunch.)

We chose to go to New Asia, based mainly on the paragraph in the Access guide, and it proved a fine choice. This is a big restaurant: while I don't see the thousand seats that Access claims, it's probably the second-largest Chinese restaurant I've been in, behind only the Dim Summerie we found by serendipity in Toronto some years back. More importantly, a good 90% of the people in there when we went in were Chinese. I've always found that the best guide to finding good Chinese food is to look for where the natives really eat. (And there are a lot of natives: Chinatown SF is really astonishingly large when you're used to Boston.)

Anyway, excellent dim sum followed from there; my only regret was that, with only two of us, we were a bit limited in how many different things we could get. But we tried a lot, and liked all of it (except the coconut shrimp, which were a bit over-fried for my taste). The selection was exceptionally large, and all well-prepared. The highlight was a roasted duck dish that walked past at one point, and became the centerpoint of the meal. And the bean paste buns at the end were great -- a bit less sticky-sweet than sometimes, which let the flavor come across more richly.

Following that, we had some time to kill, so we drifted towards Fisherman's Wharf for lack of any partcular purpose. We crossed near Telegraph Hill, and looked into the window of Telegraph Hill Robes, which looks rather interesting: fancy microfiber bathrobes, and a rave review (from the Wall Street Journal of all things) in the window. (I need a new bathrobe, so I may take a gamble on this.) Fisherman's Wharf was not deserted, but it wasn't jammed cheek-by-jowl, so it still qualifies as relatively empty.

After poking around there for a while, we realized that our movie was starting in an hour, and Moscone Center (with our car, remember) was a pretty substantial distance from Fisherman's Wharf. We contemplated taking the cable car, but the line was substantial, so we didn't want to risk it. So a 2-mile forced march across the city ensued, finally getting us a little real exercise for the first time in the trip. After that came my personal rendition of Mister Frog's Wild Ride across to Daly City, managing to still get to the theater with fifteen minutes to spare.

The second priority of the day was The Incredibles -- the Century Theater in Daly City was showing it digitally, and we decided (correctly) that this was a film worth seeing that way. We thoroughly enjoyed the film: while it's not quite as laugh-out-loud funny as some Pixar films, and I saw a lot of the comic-book cliches coming about sixteen miles off, it had an intelligent script, lively acting and direction, and some of the most kickass combat scenes in the history of cinema. A loving and knowing tribute to the superhero genre. A part of me regrets that there will never be a proper sequel (given the Pixar/Disney split), but it's probably for the best: this would be hard to follow up well.

Dinner was something of an afterthought: we sought out the nearest Friday's, for some terribly generic food. This was a bit marred by a vivid reminder of my current temper issues (I had a fairly nasty verbal altercation with a twit who failed to understand why we might not want him holding the outside door next to our table open while he smoked his cigarette), but otherwise unremarkable. Thence, back to the hotel, for a quick soak in the jacuzzi, and this update.

Tomorrow: home again, home again, jiggety jig...

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