Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Vacation: Day 8

And so, home.

Today was basically just a travel day. I slept very little last night, which left me tired, but has at least one odd advantage: it pretty much wipes out the jet lag right away. And the fact that the airline served us what they called "dinner" at 3pm CA time didn't hurt, either. My system is pretty messed up right now, but should get back on track fairly easily.

The flight was entirely uneventful. We took a relatively late flight: 2pm CA to 10pm MA. (That is, a 5 hour flight plus a three hour time difference.) Security in SFO was very tight (extra x-raying of the suitcases, double ID checks to get through security, etc) but it was a slow time of day to leave, so it all went pretty smoothly. The flight wasn't quite full, so they moved the third person in our row to a window seat elsewhere, leaving us precious extra elbow room. I spent the entire flight reading: first finishing the storyline I was reading in ST:NF (I should write a review tomorrow), then starting in on Mirrordance.

For those unclear on what the heck I'm talking about: msmemory and I have been in California for the past week. I've been posting about it regularly, but it's all been friends-locked (except Day 5, when I goofed) so as not to say, "Hey, world! No one at home!". I've just unlocked it all, in case anyone else is interested.

And to those who invited us to come visit: thanks much, but this vacation was intentionally a just-the-two-of-us time. We haven't had a private, no-commitments vacation in -- well, years at least. So we made a fairly conscious decision to just play tourist on our own this time, rather than start visiting. (Fortunately, I will see my sister on Thursday, so I don't feel too guilty about not telling her we were a few miles away.) It wasn't a simple decision -- there are several of you that we see once a year or less -- but it was what we needed this time around.

And now, blessedly, we get Vacation Part II -- we both deliberately took two weeks off from work, so we get another week of decompression at home. It makes it much easier to come home when we know that we don't have to go straight back to work...

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