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Okay, time to succumb to a Silly LJ Game. Got this one from cristovau. The idea is to type each letter into the address line of your browser, and see what the top item is for each.

A : Amazon
B : Boston.com
C : The starting-to-look-pretty-nice Baronial Homepage
D : The Yahoo directory page on HTML editors, from last week's search for a decent, simple WYSIWYG editor for people who aren't looking to build The World's Fanciest Website. This theme will recur.
E : The Kingdom Homepage
F : The homepage for DiDa, one of the HTML editors. Looked kind of plausible, but wasn't free (preferred) and didn't really grab me.
G : Yahoo Groups
H : Haavahd, from looking for decent online directions a few weeks ago. I am somehow unsurprised that this was remarkably difficult.
I : The current discussions about the weather, from NOAA. (msmemory is fond of wading through these badly-written but highly informative infodumps.)
J : The homepage for Cold Storage, the LARP that I'm helping hungrytiger run at Arisia.
K : The homepage for Karine Polwart, a musician I am (I believe) utterly unfamiliar with. I assume that msmemory has more clue about this one.
L : localhost. You can't see it. Nyah. (Our homepage is actually a local Apache server, which was waks.org once upon a time. Last I checked, port 80 was still blocked upstream, but it's a convenient way to keep our data organized.)
M : Mozilla.org, another stop in the search for HTML editors. One definite option was Mozilla Composer, the direct descendent of the ancient Netscape Composer (and what we've been using at home for years as our utility editor).
N : NextEdit, a browser-based HTML editor. I'm sorry, but I really prefer shrink-wrapped software for something like this; it's an odd candidate for an ASP system.
O : Oprah. No idea...
P : The administrative homepage for the Manche mailing list. I'm not even going to put in a link, since you shouldn't be using it.
Q : Humph. Surely I've gone *somewhere* that starts with a q. There's this whole block of namespace going to waste. At the very least, I would expect to find more stupidly-named dotcoms there.
R : The Featured Pets page at Replacements, Ltd, which msmemory occasionally uses to replace missing china and silver and such. Mostly cute, but the October picture is just a little scary.
S : Shock, surprise -- the SCA Homepage. As part of the Questions List, I go to this several times a week for reference.
T : Tucows, a popular software review site that proved almost entirely useless in my editor search.
U : 9 Chickweed Lane, one of those webcomics that is only sometimes funny, but is sometimes *very* funny.
V : SiteSpinner, yet another editor. Much fancier than I was looking for.
W : WebStudio. Too fancy and too expensive.
X : XMetal, which is apparently what's left of the venerable HoTMeTaL, the original WYSIWYG HTML editor. Except that it doesn't appear to edit HTML any more, just XML.
Y : Yahoo Groups again, from the other direction.
Z : Nada. What an anticlimax.

Oh, and the final result from that search for HTML editors was Nvu. This isn't technically part of the Mozilla project, but it's apparently the nearest thing to a true child of Composer -- they're taking the Composer codebase and bringing it forward, maybe folding it into Mozilla proper somewhere down the line. It's a beta (well, no -- it's more like an alpha), and definitely has some bugs, but it's basically what I was looking for: easy to use, has the features that really matter, and it's free-as-in-speech. The project is Linux-focused, but they're doing Windows builds, and it seems to work nicely for my purposes. (The above Cold Storage website was thrown together with it. I'm a content guy, and don't much care about graphic fanciness...)

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