Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A few MacBeth pix

It occurred to me yesterday that I haven't put up any of my pictures from the play. I've corrected this: there is now a MacBeth Gallery up in my LJ pics area.

This is just a smallish selection: a couple dozen pictures from the play. I tried to select shots that weren't too blurry, and get a representative sampling of the cast. Not everyone is represented, I'm afraid: there are several people that I simply didn't get any good shots of. However, note that this is taken from a total of over 150 pictures (I was snapping away for most of the play), and I do have at least some shots of everybody. If you'd like to get a CD-R of the full collection, give me a yell and we can arrange it.

These are medium-resolution pictures, and are moderately large -- around 600-800k per shot -- so be warned that downloading may take a while. I'll leave them up for at least a week or two, but they won't be up indefinitely, so if you want a shot, snag it soon.

Finally, apologies for the artifacts in the pictures. I believe that the lens wasn't entirely clean, and that showed up in these relatively dark shots. (At least, I hope that's the explanation: the alternative is that the camera's CCD is beginning to fail, which would suck.)

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