Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Christian's Scroll Text

My first serious SCA poetry project. Not exactly high art, but I think it came out decently...

Attend the lesson of the Grand Bouf-Pousse,
Whose practice is to balance many hats.
First Harlequin's: made rookish, tipped and loose,
For plays of wit and charm (but not of cats).

The furniture of Tennis next: a cap
Tight-knit, so sport shall cause it not to slip.
The poet's, then, bespeaks a man who taps
A well of clever words in goose-quill tip.

The Zodiac is wrapped around the head
Of the Astrologer, whose subtle gear
Predicts the path that Christian now will tread
In this, the Known World's Thirty-Seventh year.

So Lord von Jaueregk's station now shall soar,
By Patent Letters he these Arms will Bear,
As follows: Quarterly Argent and Or,
A Heart Azure Within a Bordure Vert.

So says Andreas, mighty King,
And Isabella, wise in Art:
At Birka Fourteen, praises sing,
A Laurel hence he shall depart.

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