Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

That "Tech Writer" Position

Okay, I've gotten my boss to officially write up a description of the position she's looking for. Note that it's now also being called an "associate project manager" -- I think that's to acknowledge the fact that this position isn't just about writing, it's also about working to negotiate the design. I'm gratified that the official description pretty well matches my impression of it. From the description, it involves working with pretty much everybody; it wouldn't be an easy job, but it's exceptionally high-responsibility for a nominally junior position, and is likely to give major experience points.

Drop me a note (mwaks at convoq) with your email address if you would like to apply, and I'll ask who to send the resume and cover letter to...

Title: Junior Technical Writer / Associate Product Manager
Location: Lexington, MA
Description: The Junior technical writer will be responsible for updating and maintaining internal specifications for various functional areas within Convoq’s presence-enabled Web conferencing products. You will work with our Product Management and Engineering teams to define product requirements and understand and refine implementation issues. You will also serve as an internal and external evangelist for ASAP, occasionally working with the sales channel and key customers.

Duties include collecting technical and editorial review commentary, soliciting and confirming consensus from appropriate parties, editing existing documents at the direction of others, and writing new material as needed.

Skills: The successful candidate will be able to:
  • Demonstrate exceptional writing, editing, and organizational skills.

  • Generate technical and conceptual descriptions of functionality.

  • Provide samples showing expertise with industry-standard authoring tools (notably Word and Adobe Photoshop).

  • Interview content experts and conduct research to learn subject matter as needed.

  • Collate and resolve disparate review comments with appropriate subject matter experts and/or project leaders.

  • Demonstrate strong verbal skills.

Experience: 1 to 3 years technical writing experience in a software development environment. Experience with instant messaging and/or Web conferencing products and technology is a plus.

Education: A degree in English, Computer Science or a related field.

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