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Okay, time to quickly run down the week since getting back from Florida.

Tuesday was Low Company. This month's topic was Western Chess Variations. It was, sadly, a small meeting this time -- only six of us there, and only four playing. But that was enough for a really kickass game of Chess of the Four Seasons. This was a major hoot, because all three of the other players are experienced Diplomacy players (and I have a pretty good handle on that style of play), so the interplay got very, very complex. Took a long time, but it was deliciously strange throughout, with lots of comments along the lines of, "You really don't want to take my bishop, because then I'll take your knight, but if you take *her* pawn instead, I'll refrain from taking your knight next turn!" Much deeper level of play than I'm used to in this game.

The only serious negative of the evening was slipping on the stairs in Porter Square station, and whomping my tailbone, but hard. I don't think it's broken, just bruised something fierce. Still hurts unpredictably, though.

Wednesday was dance practice, but was a pretty low-energy night for me, especially due to the aching butt. But it was good to get a little dancing in. And I swung by ladysprite's, to drop off the stuffed flamingo I picked up in Sanibel for her. It's terribly cute, in a really goofy sort of way.

Friday night's date this week was Sato. Having declared that I was feeling like Chinese, I wound up getting sushi anyway. But what the heck, that's what that restaurant is good for.

Saturday was the preliminary moving party for tpau and learnedax. This round was just the Baronial stuff, which fills most of their basement. It was a cute little crew, just seven of us, but it was enough people and cars to get the stuff moved in a few hours. It also represents the first step of the Get Rid of Superfluous Gold Key project -- I gather that hfcougar went through it, picked out a little bit that was worthwhile, and the rest is being scrapped. (Most of the Gold Key is in Seamus' garage, but some leftovers were left here. Overall, the plan is to get rid of at least 80% of it -- we have an *insane* amount of Gold Key, most of it crap.)

After that was a rather neat interview. One of the Duncharlatans, Kaitlin, is doing her thesis on a 13th century tournament in which the participants recreated scenes from Arthurian legend in the course of it. So I'm putting her in touch with a variety of folks from the SCA, both to talk about the cultural context of the day and the re-enactment/re-creation mindset in general. She wanted to interview me about the SCA, to get a better understanding of how the club really works, and we wound up wandering all over the map, in a wide-ranging chat about not just the SCA, but all the other weird clubs, the differences between us and both re-enactment and renfairs, why people *do* this stuff, and so on. I talked almost continuously for an hour and a half, and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Today was the main moving day. Lots more people, lots more vehicles, *lots* more stuff to move. I wound up running up and down stairs for much of five solid hours, and am now thoroughly beat. But we got everything moved into their new apartment, which is really quite nice. Afterwards, we went out with tpau, learnedax, ladysprite and umbran to the Atrium Mall, got some takeout cheesecake and sat downstairs comforting our aching muscles with sugar.

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