Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Vanity Googling

Okay, I haven't done a vanity search in quite a while, but it seems to be the meme of the day, and it's a fun game. Let's see what comes up:

Searching on Mark Waks, without quotes, the first 20 hits are for me. No great surprise there -- it's an unusual name. (The first non-me hit, #21, points to a dead page of varsity swimming records at some high school.) The very first hit is my homepage, which is nice. Most of the rest are extremely random postings to various old mailings lists, especially the original VRML group, which I was very active in for the first couple of years, before deciding that everyone was more interested in making pretty pictures than a useful social tool. It's encouraging to see how high those postings come, since it indicates that some people thought they were interesting enough to link to. Indeed, my #4 hit is my original posting on what a 3D Web should feel like, which I still think is correct. Nothing Masonic shows up until entry #25, with my mildly-famous paper on How to Give Good Ritual (which is also recopied on a few other sites).

The most amusing hit (in a slightly creepy way) is my Rap Sheet, apparently an automatically generated summary of my game development career.

Searching for "Mark Waks", in quotes, turns up 1,650 hits. Fewer than I would have expected, actually -- I would have expected that my archived email messages alone would come to more than that.

Searching for "Justin du Coeur", in quotes, turns up 491 hits. (And searching on "Justin du Couer", the common misspelling, another 27.) Entry number 4 is my LJ. Number 10 is my first VRML message. Surprisingly, my rec.humor.funny joke is all the way up at #19 (with other copies appearing later in the list), but the Period Games Homepage doesn't seem to show up at all. I wonder if Google ignores text inside links (which is the only place my name appears on that homepage). Someone apparently saved my account of The Tale of Vis in Basic Training, from a zillion years ago; I didn't even remember ever writing that down.

Another curiosity: Skeptic Tank Text Archive File. My best guess from the name is that this is some anti-Masonic type, who has gone and done us the wonderful favor of publically archiving the old Masonic digests.

Definitely supports the contention that you can find out a huge amount about a person by Googling them. Of course, I gave up having many illusions of privacy years ago -- part of being really heavily into the Net is that you have to assume that anything you ever wrote anywhere is going to be accessible...

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