Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

[PROGRAMMING] Inevitabilities

So it looks like there is a third unavoidable in life: Death, Taxes and Windows Update. As I was reminded in the latest Microsoft TechNet, on April 12th they will begin forcing Windows XP Service Pack 2, in all its misfeature-laden goodness, down the gullets of anyone who hasn't updated to it yet. The proximity to Tax Day seems appropriate, somehow -- Microsoft and the government enforcing an obscene binge-and-purge on the populace.

I really do sometimes wonder if they believe their own hype. I mean, the article reads, "While recognizing the security benefits of Windows XP SP2, some organizations have requested the ability to temporarily disable delivery of this update via AU and WU." Uh -- no. Most of those organizations didn't take it because they weren't very impressed by the security benefits of SP2, and recognized that it introduces a bunch of new hassles that just get in the way of serious users. Those of us who declined SP2 mostly did it because we know what we're doing, and have already taken better security precautions than that.

*Sigh*. There are days that I think longingly about chucking it all for a Linux box. Having a computer that's actually under my control would be a pleasant change of pace...

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