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And the rest of the Diary...

Okay, yes -- I'm in a decent mood today, after a few days of ambient cranky, so I'm posting a bunch.

Last Thursday I went down to see the latest I Sebastiani show. After a comedy of errors getting there (note to self: Orange Line == Evil), I got a fine seat anyway, since Thursday was predictably quiet. The show was good, although not a total slam-dunk: the first act didn't click perfectly, and the timing was inconsistent. But once it came together it was very funny, and had some really excellent bits. Especially memorable:
  • The lip-synched duet between the lovers, with learnedax miming a sweet soprano and mermaidlady a sturdy baritone.

  • Fritz managing to demonstrate the true horror of the situation. (His Dirty Old Man routine gets scarier every time he pulls it out.)

  • The young ladies enthusing about getting to fulfill the first and second dreams of every girl. (Running away with a total stranger and dying for love, respectively.)

  • The Capitano's dreadfully funny pseudo-Spavento. His mock Antonio Banderas got all of my favorite lines of the show, especially the goofy "translations". ("I shall fight you mano-a-mano -- or, man to man". "Avaunt! -- or, Hey...")
The show ended with a performance of Petit Vriens, as taught by ladysprite, which went well: the dancers did as well or as badly as was appropriate for their characters, and the dance suited the scenario well. This was her first time teaching for a performance, and she did a good job.

Friday: down to John Harvard's for our date. This has become our current default, it seems: broadish menu, consistently good preparations, and yummy beer. Never quite sets my world on fire, but I can always find something I like.

Saturday: The Laurel's Prize Tourney, as previously reported. The only other major note of the day was that the roads were severely sucky -- getting to and from Ashland was not fun, and a number of people were defeated by the hill in the middle of the directions. I called msmemory (who was day-tripping Hrim Scola) to encourage her to stay off the roads, but she decided to come home anyway. Blessedly, things appear to have improved by the time she got back to MA.

On Sunday we wandered down to the Regional Practice Thingy. This seems to be turning into a quarterly pan-activity get-together -- while it's mainly focused on the martial activities, they're encouraging others to come do stuff as well. I wound up spending most of the time there doing gate and digging into the Alfonso MS. a bit deeper: there are a bunch of backgammon variants in there that are more or less unknown in the SCA, so I'm reconstructing them. (I am slightly shocked to discover that Doublets, perhaps the dippiest game ever played on a backgammon board, can be documented clear from 13th c. Spain through 17th c. England.) My only regret from the afternoon is that I didn't get over to the Calligraphers' table for their "Learn to Write Your Name Properly" session, which I had meant to do.

Monday was Lodge. To my relief and surprise, this wasn't a total disaster. It was the Third Degree, by far the most complex of the bunch, and for two candidates, which introduces some ritual variations we haven't done in many years. Rehearsal had been cancelled due to Snow Wimpiness (it was supposed to be Sunday morning), so I was expecting the worst. But most of the guys knew their lines cold and remembered the floorwork adequately, so I don't think we did a terrible job. It made for a long evening, but the new Master Masons seemed to appreciate the work, which always makes it worthwhile.

Tuesday was Accademia. We didn't have our usual room this time around, so ladysprite volunteered her living room. The session wound up being her, me, Guindormr and Ciana, so we fit reasonably well. Due to the lack of space, we decided to focus on galliard variations; that worked nicely, aside from one of her cats deciding that lying in front of Guindormr would be fun, making for some dicey dancing. We went through about half a dozen of the variations; the consensus seemed to be that we all liked two of them, and Ciana was fond of a third. I'll need to practice these, to get them into my standard repertoire.

Last night was Dance Practice, which got moved to 5-217 because of the aforementioned room issues. It's not a terrible space: it has those silly little desk-chair things so common in universities, but this particular variation actually stacks, so we were able to clear the room. It was a slightly small week (about 15 people), but still a pleasant evening. I wound up calling My Lady Cullen, a slightly complex longways ECD that Mara has been introducing into the repertoire.

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