Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Diary Entry: the weekend

I had sort of been thinking that this weekend was going to be "quiet". Given how little time I actually spent at home, the question is, relative to what?

We spent Saturday afternoon shopping. Nothing terribly exciting: a Costco run, followed by a trip to Nashoba Valley. They have a new Barley Wine out that is pretty nice. We wound up spending about $120 there without buying any of their usual wines: some Barley Wine, some beer, a bottle of Cherry Brandy, and the like. On the way home, we stopped at Duck Soup in Sudbury, my favorite gourmet store, and picked up a few indulgences.

Following that was dsrtao's birthday party. This was pleasant and laid-back. I delivered Prisoner videotapes to goldsquare as part of the Take Our Stuff, Please project. We ate large quantities of chili and cake, since both were available in abundance. (elizabear, in a fit of indecision, wound up getting three different cakes from Rosie's, so we were obliged to eat lots.) Mostly, I hung out and schmoozed, largely with metahacker and learnedax.

Sunday afternoon was Cooks' Guild. The theme of the month was Period Jewish Food, and what we mostly got from that was an understanding of just how thin the sources are on that subject. But we had a good discussion for a couple of hours, talking about the tidbits that we could find (for example, the directive that, if you are cooking meat in almond milk, you must strew a few almonds on top of the result so that people don't think you're breaking kosher laws). We had a new lady there by the name of Miriam, who was fairly knowledgeable about Jewish history, and was able to add a variety of interesting insights.

Sunday evening was the Daystars' meeting at MIT, following which a few of us went out to dinner at the Green Street Grill. This is a really nice Caribbean restaurant on a side street nearish to MIT. Dinner was a smidgeon pricey ($30-40 per person on average, I think), but tasty, creative and impressively spicey -- my gumbo had serious Zing, and new_man's goat stew had an intense slow burn. Definitely a place to keep for a good date.

Laced throughout the weekend was Recreational Baking. ladysprite's birthday present to me was a homemade Date Nut Bread kit, and I'd been looking for a good opportunity to make it -- I decided the birthday party was the right time. The results were as yummy as I would expect, and it was quite easy to make, once I got it all out of the jar. (Note to self: use a kit like this more promptly. The dates absorbed all the moisture from the brown sugar, so the former were rather sticky and the latter a bit rock-like.) And after the party, I decided to try my hand at ginger snaps -- one thing I'd picked up at Duck Soup was little crystallized ginger chips, and they had a really excellent recipe on the side of the can. So I served those at the Sunday meetings, where they were well-received: another keeper of a recipe.

Upcoming Events:

Tomorrow: Low Company. I've decided to teach Tarot this month (the card game, that is) -- everyone should come on by!

Saturday: msmemory will be up at Northern Lights, but I'm feeling lazy, so I'll probably stay home. IIRC, alexx_kay is having a movie-watching party, so I'll probably go to at least some of that.

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