Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Take Our Stuff, Please

Continuing the saga of getting rid of unneeded stuff. As always, this isn't strictly first come first serve -- folks who we are particularly close to, or who can come take things promptly, get preference. But it's mostly whoever calls dibs.

First, the repeats:
-- I offered a more or less complete set of Buffy videotapes, recorded off the air. There have been no takers, so they are getting junked if not claimed in the next day or so. (I'm still in the process of figuring out how to rendezvous to give away several of the other series.)
-- msmemory offered several generic, mostly large suitcases. Going in the trash Tuesday if no one wants them.
-- msmemory offered "Toy car racing set (electronic) with fig-8 plastic track and cars. Hasn't been used in years, condition unverified." Not suitable for *small* children in our opinion. Again, destined for the trash at this point.

Now, the new stuff:
-- Two tiny red metal wagons. Pretty much like the stereotypical 1950's kid's wagons, but only about ten inches long.
-- One of those fancy back-massaging thingamabobs from Brookstone: big long handle with a massager at the end. Comes with several interchangeable tips, including one that claims to heat. Bought this toy years ago and never used it.
-- A silly self-moving ball, about 5", designed to make cats insane. Turn it on, and it moves very randomly around the floor. Comes with battery.
-- An early Handspring Visor PDA. Oldish, but still fully functional AFAIK. Comes with cradle to synchronize with computer; flash-memory backup module; and a Stowaway folding keyboard if I can figure out where I put it.
-- A Technics stereo receiver, circa 1985. IIRC, this still works okay, but it hasn't been turned on in at least ten years.
-- A Sony dubbing cassette deck, circa 1985. Pretty high-end consumer deck in its day. Again, I think it works, but it's been years since it was turned on.
-- Fairly high-end Sony VCR, circa mid-to-late 90's. IIRC, this needs some work, although it may just need a cleaning.
-- Panasonic VCR, from around the same time. Also probably needs a cleaning and tuning.
-- Generic PC computer keyboard. Unfancy, but probably works fine.
-- Toshiba laptop case.
-- An old one-piece stereo system, circa 1980. *Not* an impressive system, but it plays both 8-tracks and 78's, if we remember correctly. (Which is the only reason we've held onto it as long as we have.)

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