Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Movie Stupidities

Everyone has one or two subjects that they are hyper-sensitive to. When movies feature these subjects, we groan and try to ignore the inaccuracies, usually without success. *Usually*, the subject for me is computers, especially when they have impossibly perfect user interfaces that are just one step removed from the ones in Star Trek.

That said, though, computers aren't the subject that *really* make me bugfuck. The real problem subject is Poker.

May I make this clear, in case you ever find yourself writing a movie? Good poker players do *not* win because they get dealt wonderful hands. Real poker games are not won because the good guy manages to draw the ace for the Royal Flush, beating the bad guy's Straight Flush. Real poker games are won because the players don't let on what they *do* have. Real poker games are three of a kind beating a good pair, with the occasional flush to keep people honest. It's all about psychology and odds, not magically perfect hands.

Okay -- Parent Trap (which is playing in the background while we make dinner) isn't really about poker, so I shouldn't worry about it. But ever since the horror of Maverick (a movie that I am fond of, except for the incredibly irritating poker scenes), the subject really makes me nuts...

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