Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

The Great Comic Returns

As of yesterday, Girl Genius is now available online! They have two primary pages. Girl Genius 101 is the backstory to date, which is heapum fun -- it's well worth going back to the start, if you haven't checked out GG before. Girl Genius Advanced Class is new pages, picking up right where the last issue left off. In theory, each will have new pages posted three times a week.

The quick one-paragraph High Concept: Girl Genius is set in the world where Mad Science is real. A small number of Mad Scientists, or "Sparks", have the ability to invent -- well, more or less anything. Needless to say, history took a left turn at Albuquerque, and kept going all the way to Hawaii. Our heroine, Agatha Clay, is a lowly lab assistant at Transylvania Polygnostic University when the story starts. Things get more complicated from there, very quickly. The story is sprawling, messy, and loads of fun, in a world whose complexities have barely been scratched so far. It's broadly humorous, but always with a serious undertone that keeps it from simple goofiness.

Spread the word. Girl Genius is my A-number-1 favorite comic (this from the guy who buys half the comics out there), and I would like to see this online experiment succeed. They make no bones that it's a loss-leader for the paper collections, and I encourage folks to pick up those collections if you don't have them already -- they're well worthwhile. But first, check out the story online. ("Have some candy, child...")

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