Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

[POLITICS] Terminology and memetics

This started as a comment in someone else's journal, and turned into a thinking-out-loud entry of its own.

I'm currently toying with promulgating the phrase "The Cult of the Hard Right". I think it captures just the right connotations -- instead of the usual criticisms of their goals (some of which can be argued about with some validity), it focuses attention on their attitudes and methods (which are indefensible if one looks at them coolly). It encourages thinking people to be suspicious of the leadership of that movement, even if they agree with some of the movement's ideals. It denigrates the extremists, while allowing the people who consider themselves moderate conservatives to count themselves out, thus reducing the unity of identification of the movement. And I suspect the term is valid by most definitions of "cult", although that deserves more research.

The overall political objective has to be breaking their political power. The necessary condition for doing that, I believe, is separating the hard right from the middle. Spreading the meme that the hard right has essentially turned into a cult seems like one small but plausible step towards that goal...

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