Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Diary entry

In general, msmemory and I are getting increasingly swept up in the idea of moving house. We've started to make significant progress towards getting it into good enough shape to show, but that only demonstrates how far we have to go. We have an *astounding* amount of crap, and at least half of it needs to be removed from the house before we can show it to people. Expect us to both be distracted by this project for much of the next six months.

Let's see -- notes from the past week:

Last Tuesday: Accademia was another review session, mainly focused on Barriera. I'd forgotten how much I like that dance -- it's my favorite of all the ones we've reconstructed in the past couple of years. Ciana didn't show up, but shprintzah did, so we had two couples for the evening. She did a nice job of picking up a non-trivial dance on the fly.

Saturday: Moving day for rufinia. We got a somewhat late start, because College Pro was in to give us an estimate on painting the house. They were very earnest, and probably more amusing than they realized. It was quite clear that the three guys who showed up were (1) the guy nominally in charge of our contract, who was clearly new to this and too quiet for his own good; (2) the more experienced guy who did all the talking; and (3) the guy who hung in the back, observed and interjected occasional comments, who was clearly the genuinely experienced one, and probably not a college student. They were all decently professional, but I can't say the experience filled me with overwhelming confidence.

Anyway, we got to rufinia's old place about half an hour late, and found that most of the big stuff had already been moved into the trailer, which was now packed nearly to the ceiling. (Note for the future: new_man has serious packing mojo.) I mainly focused on filling our car with the delicate stuff. After that, we all trooped over to Dorchester, and the unloading went pretty smoothly, aside from occasional traffic issues. Her new house and housemates seem quite nice, although the phrase "Little Provincetown" did keep echoing through my head.

Afterwards, we were prevailed upon to join folks for a late lunchish thing at a Polish restaurant a few miles away in Andrew Square. This was really excellent -- while the service is a bit slow, the food is great and a bit unusual, and the prices quite reasonable. Worth going back to. We did note that seven people seemed like a practical maximum to comfortably seat together there, though -- any more and it would have gotten a bit complicated.

Sunday: In the morning, we arranged for Yet Another Storage Unit at Public Storage. While we're throwing out and giving away as much as we can stand, the immediate problem is getting as much as possible out of the house. The rest of the day was mostly focused on that project. I expect it's going to take me a modest carload a day for a month to move most of the stuff that needs to go into there. (And no, it's not really worth doing a moving party -- we're going to need that long to sift through stuff and box it up anyway.)

Tuesday: Low Company went reasonably well. I taught Basic Medieval Board Games this month -- stuff like Merels and Fox and Geese that are often overlooked in the crush of more interesting things. I also did a quick intro to Tafl, which sucked mindways and ian_gunn in for the bulk of the evening.

Today: While running the morning build from home (I'm "build czar" this week, which means I need to get QA a working build each morning), I did a little digging around and wound up buying a copy of Replay Music, a nice tool for ripping stuff that's coming through the computer's speakers. It's overkill for my purposes (ripping the output of my Django recordings of Caroso dances), but a capable enough tool that I decided it was worth the money; I may want to use its fancier features later. This will let me promulgate MP3s of the dances we've been reconstructing, making it more practical to publicize those reconstructions.

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