Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

[POLITICS] The Effects of Testosterone on Politics

Today's Globe has a happy-making article about the House backing down on the earlier rules change that had blocked investigations of Tom DeLay -- apparently, the Republicans have gotten so much flack about the blatant abuse of power that they reverted to the original rules, allowing an investigation to proceed. But what really caught my eye was this tangential tidbit, from the bottom of the article:
Michael Carvin, a Washington lawyer who worked to advance the nominations of previous conservative judges, said there was some discussion about holding off on the decision to try to eliminate the Senate judicial filibuster until there is a Supreme Court nomination, since a Democratic filibuster of such a nomination might engender more public outrage.

But the Republicans cannot agree to a compromise that does not eliminate the filibuster for judicial nominees, he said. ''Now, it's an issue of leadership for both the Senate majority leader" -- Bill Frist of Tennessee -- ''and the president," Carvin said. ''It's a manhood issue."
"A manhood issue". It's the politics of emasculation. Delightfully concise way of describing much of the Republican leadership's style...

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