Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

SCA & History Thesis

I mentioned a while back that I did a long interview for Kaitlin Heller's thesis at Harvard, and a number of folks expressed interest in reading it. She's gotten the okay to distribute it, and given me a copy.

The thesis is on "The Re-Enactment of Arthurian Romances and Folklore in European Tournaments of the Thirteenth Century" -- basically, talking about medieval tournies that were recreating stories from Arthurian mythology, and relating that to the ethnography of modern historical re-creators like ourselves. The first half talks about the historical basis, with all sorts of interesting tidbits from period sources. The second half is the ethnography, mainly two interviews: one with a professor talking about re-enactment sites like Plymouth Plantation, and one with me talking (more disjointedly than I'd realized) mainly about the SCA. The two halves tie together somewhat loosely, but I found both quite interesting. I will warn that my SCA interview is at times painfully honest -- it's intentionally warts-and-all, and it's the oddities of the SCA that were often most relevant, since she was studying the Society as a living tradition.

Anyway, I have a copy in Word format, and permission to send it to SCA folks who are interested; it's about 130K. Drop me a note if you would like a copy. She's actively interested in getting commentary on it...

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