Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Vanity searches are always amusing...

The reason I found the aforementioned pirated book is that I'm currently spending a few minutes Googling for myself. (We've got an interview today, and I was startled to find nothing on the candidate in Google. So out of curiosity, I decided to Google my own mundane name and see what crops up.) Some tidbits:

It appears that ProWiki has gotten at least a little noticed -- I just found a German site, of all things, with a page on it. Now I'm really curious about what it says -- Google completely fails to translate it, oddly.

No surprise, most references to "Mark Waks" are me. But not all -- apparently there's manager of financial systems at BAE with the same name, and maybe one or two others.

It does drive home just how long I've been in the SCA "questions" job. I just came across the introductions issue of Masonry Universal, from 1989, in which I suggest that someone should be doing this job for Masonry, and that I've been doing it for the Rialto "forever". (Which at that point, I believe, was about two years.)

Several versions of The Seven Stages of a Usenet Poster, my one contribution to rec.humor.funny, which seems to have gotten copied around a bit.

Several versions of Learning and Memorizing Ritual, the essay that is my main claim to fame in Masonry. I've never been to a Lodge outside Massachusetts, but my lesson plan seems to be getting used pretty much worldwide.

The event announcement for A Winter's Revel at the Inns of Court, which I autocratted seven years ago. (Proving that nothing ever gets removed from the Web, either.)

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