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Project for today: go see if any of the local bookstores have a copy of
The Chicken Qabala of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford. Steve (aka Baron Steffan) was showing this to myself and Gary (aka Baron Algernon, aka Dr. Foo) last night. (Steve and Gary and I are sort of the weird iconoclastic three musketeers of Masonry -- "One for all, and all for good ritual!")

Anyway, the book is truly odd mix -- a moderately detailed look at Qabala, aimed explicitly at the dilletante, explaining all the important bits and giving tips about what you don't really need to worry about. Has a wickedly strange sense of humor, to boot. In short, it's probably my perfect book on the subject.

So while I've got an hour or two, I'm going to go see if one of the local mystical bookstores has a copy, before I break down and just order the silly thing from Amazon...

-- Justin
Expert dilletante
"If someone worships The Great Pumpkin as the architect of the
 universe, can he become a Mason and use the Peanuts collection of
 cartoons as the book of supreme moral guidance?"
		-- Nick Jovanovic

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