Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Job Posting of the Week

This one's arguably more demanding than most of the previous, but in a very different direction.

Our Office Manager has decided to move out of state, and we're looking to replace her. This is basically the Jack of All Trades position, doing everything from day-to-day finance and administration (the position reports to and works closely with the CFO, and effectively serves as the HR department) to making sure that the coffee and sodas are stocked. The specific skills required are mostly the basics (good at the Microsoft Office suite and familiar with accounting software). More important than that, IMO, is a very high level of dependability and organization, and the ability to get things done in a fairly stressy environment without adding to the stress. This is not an entry-level position: we're looking for someone with real administrative experience.

It's a bit demanding; OTOH, the company is relatively sane and well-organized (especially by startup standards), and someone who is disciplined and cool-headed is likely to do well here. If it sounds interesting, drop me a note (mwaks at convoq), and I'll send you the formal job description...

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