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[DIARY] House, house, house...

... at this point, my life seems to revolve around the house.

With any luck, and assuming the rain lets up long enough, the house will soon cease to be describable as "sort of like the Addams family house, but more unkempt". The painters are making steady progress, and things are about at the nadir now, with the powerwash done and the loose bits scraped off. It should shortly be an actual blue again, instead of a sort of faded cyan with bits of natural cedar coming through.

Visited Home Despot with msmemory yesterday, and picked out a new storm door -- this will not have the distinctive personality of "this screen once used as a scratching post", but will make a better first impression when the time comes to show the house.

Packing continues apace; the wall of boxes of books at the back of Storage Unit #3 now pretty much fills the 10' wide x 8' high space, and I'm working on the second layer of wall. The advantage of sticking with Store-Alls is that it stacks nice and neatly -- add a little mortar, and the thing could almost be load-bearing. Packed up The Harvard Classics this morning. In the next house, we need to either find real shelf space for these, or give them away. It's a wonderful set of literature, but it's been sitting on a shelf in the attic for ten years now.

I am forced to conclude that no, I don't have a cold. What I do have is allergies to a variety of dusts and molds. Guess what the attic is filled with? Claritin seems to do no good at all, so it may be time to break down and restart the allergy shots, at least while I'm stirring up all of these insidious motes.

The project still feels like it's going to take an eternity, but we're making visible progress. Another month or two of this, and the house might actually be in good enough shape to have people over again. That has much appeal; I'm feeling quite lonely at the moment, and need some excuses to see more of my friends...

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