Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Diary Update: Midsummer's

The primary effect of my mood is that I haven't been feeling terribly creative lately; hence the lack of posting. But Midsummer Faire deserves an entry.

msmemory and I gave rufinia a lift to the event, since we were all day-tripping. The drive was pleasant enough: long enough to feel that I had Gone Somewhere, but short enough to be an easy outing.

The event felt rather cute and small; we gradually developed a consensus that it was probably about the size of an average Carolingian event, but spread over *such* a large site that it felt a tad empty. Not quite what I was expecting (especially since the other event I'd been to there -- Stonemarche Investiture -- was several times larger), but it made for a relaxed atmosphere that suited me fairly well.

The primary topic of conversation was the all-enveloping miasma -- heatwave-grade temperatures and high humidity kept the energy levels a bit low. That said, it was good practice for Pennsic, and I wasn't really all that miserable. I do need to get back into the habit of hydrating properly at summer events, though, and I need to find some sort of handwork for quiet afternoons like that. Maybe it's time to pull out the chip-carving bag and try doing that a little more seriously.

As I had expected in hanging out with greater Moomba, we ate very well. Particular highlights included the gooey stuffed dates from rufinia, and oakleaf_mirror's Coq au Vin for dinner. Being incapable of going anywhere without bringing food, msmemory brought a salad of chicken, apples and onions and I made Stockfish Pie.

The primary entertainment of the day was the Royal Equestrian Championship, which was fascinating to watch. I marvel at the skill of some of the riders -- seeing palegreyminion managing to lance the rings at full speed was one of those "this feels *right*" moments that are never quite common enough. I regret getting there late -- it sounds like the morning's entertainment (monkeys riding mini-horses) was a real hoot...

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