Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Link Bacon

Since I'm about to need to reboot, let's list the interesting tidbits that I have sitting in tabs right now:

The Wikipedia project has apparently spawned Wikinews, an attempt to build a collaborative, less-biased news site for the masses. I'm rather skeptical, but intrigued -- it bears some watching to see where this goes.

editrx posted a fascinating but slightly creepy observation entitled Soviet-style art meets Homeland Security. The more the world changes...

The Pennsic Class Schedule has been posted; be warned that it's quite long. I'm teaching four classes this year: one dance class and three on games.

Related to that, tpau has reposted the handy-dandy Pennsic schedule booklets, suitable for painful realizations that you need to be doing four things simultaneously on Wednesday afternoon.

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