Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Putting Our Paper on a Diet

There -- that was a productive day.

Not wanting to deal with the heat, msmemory and I spent the core of the day working our way through the remaining boxes of books in the attic. For a number of years now, we've dealt with the excess of paper by stuffing boxes up there; now, as part of the Clean The House project, they're all getting moved to storage.

However, step 1 is repacking and winnowing. The old boxes weren't well-packed for piling high, and we've really never asked the question, "Do we really need this?" So that was the project continued today -- going through the boxes, weeding out anything that fails the question, and repacking better, into more consistently-shaped and tightly-packed boxes.

The end result is that we have (so far) about eight loosely-packed boxes of books to be given away. They cover the gamut of topics, from a nearly-complete Encyclopedia Brittanica to random humor books to religion to just plain strange. There's some good stuff there (including duplicate Shakespeares -- we just don't need that many editions of the Bard), as well as some pure crap.

The current plan is that we're going to bring these to a few upcoming activities (probably including Baronial Archery Champs), and encourage folks to rummage through them and take books away. Once we've done a couple of those, we'll find a library book sale or something to give the remainder to.

We are *not* going to deliver anything -- that has consistently been a disaster every time we've offered -- but if anyone wants the Brittanica set (from the mid-60's, IIRC), and is willing to come take it away, drop us a note and we'll arrange a time for you to come by. And if you don't expect to be at Archery Champs, but want to paw through the boxes, we might be able to set up a time...

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